A Letter to Mr. President George W. Bush

A letter to Mr. President George W. Push

Arab Israeli Conflict (part 2)

As far as the United States protects Israel’s Terrorism at the Security Council by voting Veto against any blame to Israel's terrorism, exactly as it was practicing since Fifty Years, this caused the Middle East Conflict to intensify, extended and complicated.

Since Palestinians and even the whole world do not know exactly how the US foreign Policy works; we wonder if the US will continue protecting and supporting Israel’s terrorism and up to what extent this support will continue. Now let's view the US support for terrorism, stimulated in the US approach to breeds and implant the Israel’s terrorism, in the meantime United States policy requesting Palestinian President to prevent any legal attacks against Israel. Oh my God Mr. President, how this could be happen, who is the terrorist? Now it seems that you discover a new definition for terrorism and it is only understood by US Policy makers.

Now as to Palestinians, it seems that the United States and the UK are misspelling the word terrorism, because they change the roles and names and they call the Victims as Terrorists, and the Terrorists as Victims.

However, since Palestinians will never accept these misleading approaches and standards by the United States. Let me tell you Mr. President a little story, I know a Palestinian who never talk politics at home, he have got a B1+B2 Visa to the United States, but he never used it to travel to the United States, he have a child of 11 years old, when he saw the World Trade Towers Explosions on TVs he became very happy, and frankly his father was too, as the case to many millions of the people around the world, who where harmed by the US Foreign Policy since world war II.

When this Palestinian asked his child why he became happy? the child said "because the Americans always killing the Palestinians, now it is a time that somebody kills them", why the child wants Americans feel and suffer a time for being Killed.

Now, we may came to raise this question, why is that…?, why this child’s opinion was so aggressive to the US?. It is really because he was harmed by US policy. To answer the question of why this harm, might be your responsibility Mr. President, and a Personal Responsibility of the US Foreign Policy Makers.

I guess that you have got to acknowledge the meanings which I am trying to convey to you Mr. PRESIDENT. Now let me say it in another way Mr. President, an American Story:

What the Americans will feel if a Palestinian, has been visiting the White House, then, when he likes a room at that house, so he spread his sleeping bag and trying to use the white house facilities including saloons, bedrooms, bathrooms and so on, and even doing changes in it, and might destroy it, the next day when the white house Americans came, the Palestinian stopped them and prevent them from moving around the rooms, just in order not to be disturbed..? You Mr. President can imagine how this situation is so funny, of course, they will be (all Americans citizens), surprised and will ask the Palestinian what he is doing there, then, instead of talking to them, the Palestinian start shooting them by a Russian or even a Palestinian Gun, (How funny is that), this funny case will lead to raise another question Mr. president, that is:

What The Palestinian's action who occupied the White House, in Washington DC. could be called, and this is what I am willing to ask you Mr. President, and Mr. Foreign Secretary, and even Isreli's prime Minister and and his Government.

Now to stop this misunderstanding, Mr. President, please let me as a Palestinian know your interpretation for the word terrorism, and for the word of rights. Does that means to repel Palestinians from their homes and lands and import Russian, Indian and Ethopian Jews instead…what a funny case…what a funny cituation..!

For me, I do not care for your special miss-spells Mr. President, but I care for the meanings of the two words, and care for its effect on me.

For me as a Palestinian: I understand the terrorism exactly as you understand it, when somebody attacks your home, it is terrorism. Accordingly, Mr. President, when the Israelis attack my home, I will understand terrorism exactly as you understand it when somebody attacks your family’s home, or land. I will feel exactly, as you feel when somebody shoots one of your family members, son or daughter in the street with Automatic Gun, using a Palestinian or Russian or Bin Laden made Gun, and even doing that just for nothing, except killing your family members because they are Americans.. I am a human being as you are, I feel exactly as you feel, I have the same dignity that you have Mr. President.

Now we came to know how it is funny to call you a Terrorist just because you are an American Citizen, or when you fight the above mentioned virtual Palestinian who attack your White House, your Home, your Land, and even shoot your Children.

Americans may understand these meanings of terrorism and fighting for self-defense, exactly in the same way as the Palestinians understand it.

Please Mr. President, do not shoot my sons, my childrens, by your weapons and Guns, since I cause no harm to you, Please Mr. President take me or help me to go back to my Home. Your Government Mr. President has kept me and prevented me from going back to my homeland for more than fifty years through US massive and continous unlimited support to Israel. Many Palestinian children were shot by Israeli solders carring American made Guns, and covered with American sponsership and support.

I would like to visit you and talk to you about this issue in person. It is not wise to listen to a Nazis Zionist terrorist, such as Israeli leaders and their gangs and clans, it is always healthy to hear from both sides of the story, then you must hear from the Palestinians.

All Palestinians, Muslems, Christians, and Palestinian Jews, lived in harmony and peace for centuries in Palestine before the British Mandadtes, that brings these Zion's Gangs to attack Palestinian's Homes, Land and Trees. Isreli's and the zionists gangs may live in Palestine, in peace, but with Palestinians, and not without Palestinians, for if a Palestinian may Immigrate to your Country (United States), and Live in peace as you live, but if this Palestinian will never live in Peace, If he start to shoot Americans, kill children, threat them and theft their homes, land and properties, and even stop them from moving around to support their lives, it is sure Mr. President You personally in that case will Shoot shot.(This is what Palestinians will do for sure), why you are requesting Palestininas to to do the same of what you will do..!

This is Mr. President the Dilemma.

Thank you Mr. President for your valuable time, that you spend reading these words, but I am sure, it will be useful to you, and to your country Mr. President.

I know Mr. President, You do not intend to kill the Palestinians, even you might not accept the idea of being a killer, you might want to help the Israelis to live, but living does not necessary means killing others, theft their properties and destroying their trees just for fun.

Now how we can come out of this dilemma, You need one simple thing, that is to be FAIR with your self, with your kids, with the Palestinians and with the Israelis, and thus fair to merican citizens.

A Terrorist must be called terrorists, champions must be called champions, great people must be pledged for their works, from where ever they come, and from whom ever they are, Americans, Palestinians, or Israelis.

Author: Wasfi Abdo

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/politics-articles/a-letter-to-mr-president-george-w-bush-196144.html


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